What is debece?

debece is a consulting and development business dealing with print, coatings and - creativity.


We are fasicnated by two things in particular:

First, printing of surfaces and products. The physical transfer of color, images and information onto surfaces and products.


Definition of print (adapted): "Printing is the transfer of images and information by means of inks / color in order to create a duplicate which is as close to the reference as possible."


Second, the adaptation and enhancement of surface characteristics by means of physically or chemically altering it by coating in order to create new and desired effects and processing possibilities.


Definition of coating: "In engineering science, coating is described as the application of material onto a surface in order to protect, decorate or enhance it´s function."


These are the two targets we strive to achieve every day - with a lot of passion and, especially, creativity.


Definition of creativity: "Creativity is the power to make / invent something that is new or innovative as well as being useful and / or appealing."


To do this, in the vast majority of all cases, it is not necessary or even desirable to really "invent" something completely new. That would be a very rare case which only a small number of scientists or everyday geniuses can really claim for themselves. On the contrary, in approx. 99,9% of all applications, it will be much smarter and faster to evaluate and re-combine already existing knowledge and processes to create a functional and, above all, practical solution to a challenge. 


In brief: debece works to find solutions to challenges within the printing and coating industry (or related fields) - with passion and creativity. And we have more than 20 years of experience in this field.